Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program offers classes for boys and girls from 12 months to 4 years old.  Ants, Bumblebees, and Caterpillar classes are child and parents classes where parents accompany their children to classes and have fun with their little one as they learn through exploration and moderately structured circuits. Children ages 3-4 will learn the basics of gymnastics in a fun, kid-friendly environment created just for their size in our Butterfly and Dragonfly classes.

Class Descriptions

Ants, Bumblebees, & Caterpillars-
(Ages 12 months to 2 years)

These high energy classes include a variety of fundamental activities in a fun gymnastics environment.  Each week parents will guide their children through creatively themed circuits where your children can explore and learn new skills.  Your child will learn to balance, climb, jump, swing as well as following instruction, waiting their turn and interacting with other gymnasts their age.

Butterflies & Dragonflies-
(Ages 3 and 4 years)

Butterflies and Dragonflies are co-ed 45 minute classes filled with fun and challenging motor movement activities. Gymnasts will be without their parents learning how to follow directions from a coach.  They will also spend their time learning basic gymnastics skills using bars, beams, and every kids favorite the tramp.  All of the skills learned in these classes will benefit your child in any other activities they participate in.