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I am a top-tier student with a 4.143 GPA in my first year of high school. Due to my intellectual abilities, I have been placed one year ahead in school and will graduate in 2016 when I am 17.

I will continue to take every advanced course (for example, I have been placed in whatever “enriched” or talented-and-gifted courses are offered) and Advanced Placement (AP) class available. In order to accomplish this while maintaining my gymnastics training schedule, I arranged to take two of my requiredsophia-web-collage-3 courses during the summers before ninth and tenth grades. This shows my self-discipline and devotion to academics and gymnastics.

I have consistently been recognized by my teachers as an outstanding student. On my most recent report card, for example, every one of my academic teachers awarded me the top mark of “commendable citizenship.” Another indicator of both my responsibility and my ability is that I have been given special permission to take AP English 3 (junior English) as a sophomore. My particular areas of academic strength are science and English, and my writing has won awards.
Completing courses in the summer has also enabled me to pursue electives. My visual art has been submitted to the state art show and displayed in the capitol and my school. Our school and school system has a highly decorated music program, and I participate in choir and orchestra. I will take four years of French as well.

Ninth Grade Classes (2012-13)
Enriched Geometry
Physical Science
English I
French I
Art I
Choir I
Foundations of Fitness

Tenth Grade Courses (2013-14)
Enriched Advanced Algebra
Enriched Chemistry
Advanced Placement English III
French II
Art II
Choir III
Physical Education