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I began gymnastics in a recreational class in 2008, competed that season as a Level 5, and have progressed one level each year. 2012-13 was my first season competing Level 9, and I am currently training Level 10 skills at Red River Valley Gymnastics.

Competing Skills I Competed in 2013
• Pike tsuk
• Tuck tsuk

• Toe-shoot
• Half pirouette to toe-shoot
• Bail shoot-over
• 2 giants to double back dismount
• Half-twisting flyover mount

• Back handspring—back layout step-out
• Switch leap—back tuck
• Split jump—tuck jump
• Full turn
• Front layout dismount
• 1.5 twist front layout dismount

• Round-off—back handspring—tuck double back
• Front layout—front layout
• Round-off—back handspring—full twist
• Switch leap popa
• Double turn


Skills I am Training (Skills I can do but am training for consistency)
• Layout tsuk
• Tuck yurchenko

• Straddle jaeger
• Toe-up handstand
• Blind change half
• Full-twisting double back dismount

• Punch front tuck
• Aerial cartwheel
• Standing half-twisting back handspring
• Round-off back full-twisting dismount

• Round-off—back handspring—pike double back
• Front layout—front full twist
• Round-off—back handspring—double twist


Gymnastics is my passion, and I am a hard worker and a fast learner. I have shown that I can work well with many different coaches and approaches. During 2011, the two original head coaches with whom I had begun gymnastics left my gym and I made a successful transition to a variety of coaches and a new head coach.