Booster Club By-laws

Red River Valley Gymnastics Booster Club,
a part of
Red River Valley Gymnastics, Inc.
Bylaws – 2015/2016

Mission Statement:
To assist Red River Valley Gymnastics in the promotion of cheer and gymnastics to Grand Forks and the surrounding communities, financially assist competitive teams, and organize and implement fundraising activities.

Funds raised will be used to purchase and maintain equipment and facilities, assist in the reduction of expenses incurred by athletes expected to compete in Regional and National meets, provide special awards, coordinate special events, or other designated activities pertaining to Red River Valley Gymnastics.

Organization Structure:
The Booster Club, as it will be known, will have an Executive Committee that consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large. Its membership shall consist of all RRVG parents or guardians of athletes enrolled in Red River Valley Gymnastics or any person who is interested in the mission of RRVG. The Booster Club will be a part of RRVG, Inc. and will operate under its tax identification number.  The Booster Club will manage a separate checking account to receive deposits and make disbursements.  Signatories will be from the Executive Committee.

Booster Club Responsibilities:   
Inform the RRVG, Inc. management of any event to be held or service to be provided.
Provide assurance of continuity with RRVG, Inc and that the event is safe and promotes the club in a positive way.
Work with RRVG, Inc. to ensure that adequate training and coverage is provided for each event.
Recruitment and scheduling of volunteers for planned event.
Accountability for monitoring of income and expenses and reporting to the business office.
Establish marketing campaigns for fundraising or promotional events.
Should an event or service sponsored by the Booster Club lose money, it will be the responsibility of the Booster Club to absorb those losses as well as any financial repercussions that may result from an activity.

Section I: Structure
RRVG Booster Club operated in conjunction with Red River Valley Gymnastics.
This organization shall operate as a non-profit organization.

Section II: Purpose
To provide moral support to the members of the RRVG competitive teams.
To help host RRVG team home meets.
To provide scholarships for member athletes in need to attend out of state meets.
To help provide and maintain equipment.
To facilitate adequate communication to parents.
To provide for fund-raising opportunities.

Section III: Membership
Membership shall consist of RRVG parents or guardians of athletes enrolled in Red River Valley Gymnastics or any person who is interested in the mission of RRVG.

Section IV: Finances
The fiscal year of the club shall begin on the 1st day of September and end on the 31st day of August in the following year.
All fundraising and expenditures will focus on meeting objectives as stated in Section II.

Section V: Benefits
The Booster Club will contribute to the following athletes’ expense:
Coaches’ expenses to Regional and National meets
Athletes’ stipend for travel to National meet.
Other items as voted on by the Voting Members.

Section VI: Membership Responsibilities
All Booster Club families are encouraged to attend Booster Club meetings and foster communication among families.
All Booster Club families are encouraged to attend local competitions and support RRVG athletes.
All Booster Club families are required to work in the concession stand and/or sell shout outs at home meets.
All Booster Club families are required to donate items for the concession stand.
All Booster Club families are required to participate in the yearly fundraising efforts.

Section VII: Executive Committee Responsibilities
The elected group of officers is hereafter called the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee of the Booster Club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at Large. 
Nominations for the Executive Committee will be accepted and voted on by the general membership by a majority rule.
Executive Committee Members shall begin their term in September at the Annual Meeting of the general membership.
All elected positions shall serve a one year term.
If a position becomes vacant, that position will be filled at the next Booster Club meeting.
A quorum of Executive Committee will be required to have a Booster Club meeting and vote on any pertinent business/agenda items.  A quorum will be defined as a simple majority of the number of Voting Member positions currently filled.
The President will preside at all Booster Club meetings and act as the liaison to RRVG Inc. officials and attend RRVG Board meetings.
The Vice-President will work with the President to plan and implement fundraising activities.  In the absence of the President the Vice-President will preside over any Booster Club meetings.
The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Booster Club meetings, distribute meeting minutes to all Booster Club members, and send meeting reminders.  The secretary shall maintain membership lists and the Booster Club email. The Secretary shall work with the Treasurer to coordinate the concession stand and shout out volunteers. In the absence of the President and Vice-President, the Secretary shall preside over any Booster Club Meetings.
The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the Booster Club.  The treasurer shall be responsible for posting all monies, and keeping an accurate accounting of all receipts and distributions.  The Treasurer shall present a financial report at each monthly meeting.  All bills, upon arrival, shall be paid by check.  The treasurer will oversee the concession stand operation.
The Member at Large shall plan and coordinate the Booster club banquet.

Section VIII- Committees
Committees shall be formed annually in response to current needs.  
Committees will be formed to fulfill the work requirements at the meets hosted by RRVG.
All committee chairpersons shall present a report at the Booster Club meetings.

Section IX- Meetings
Booster Club meetings shall be held monthly.  Date, time, and location of each meeting shall be posted at RRVG.  
The Annual Meeting of the general membership will be held in September.
Special meetings may be called by the President, or at the request of six (6) members.
Minutes of all meetings are to be maintained by the Booster Club, posted at RRVG, and distributed to the general membership.
Proposed changes to the Red River Valley Gymnastics Booster Club By-Laws must be posted for review by the general membership for a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to being put to a vote.