Red River Valley Gymnastics is structured to provide all boys and girls, regardless of age, financial, mental, or physical ability, opportunities in teamwork, good sportsmanship, leadership, honesty, and loyalty so that they may become strong, and healthy mentors in our community.  Red River Valley Gymnastics’s staff, directors, and volunteers are dedicated to helping children reach their full potential by emphasizing the importance of exercise, nutrition, fitness, and leadership through the sport of gymnastics.

RRVG’s objective is to provide enriching gymnastics programs for individuals from infants through adults. Programming is offered for preschool, recreational, performance teams, cheer, and men’s and women’s competitive teams.

Gymnastics is beneficial for each child’s physical and mental development. Our program begins with simple movement skills that are basic to all sports by promoting space and direction awareness, hand-eye coordination, self confidence, and good self-image. The gymnastics curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each child’s abilities and to provide recreational and competitive opportunities