Girls Team started their season

The RRVG Girls Team started their season Friday-Sunday, November 30th- December 1st at the Peppermint Twist meet in Minneapolis at the Convention Center.

Coaches Steve Murray and Jenna Mishler are very proud of all of them because the first meet of the season is always filled with anxiety for athletes as well as coaches. All of the young ladies from Level 4 through Level 9 performed everything that was planned.

Level 4 Gymnasts (Ainsley Hoefs and Lilly Hodgson) traveled to their first meet ever and both performed with great confidence and had a lot of fun at the same time! Lilly hit all of her routines with highlighted by a 9.125 on Vault, 8.25 on Bars and 33.025 in the All Around. Ainsley displayed no nervousness at all as she performed nice routines on all four events accumulating 8.75 Vault, 8.55 on Bars, 8.35 Beam, 8.525 Floor and 34.175 in the All Around.

Level 5 gymnasts (Malia Beich, Hannah Selnes, Katie Blackmun, Sydney Wilbur, Sydney Spivey) competed very well with solid routines from everyone. Sydney Wilbur performed well highlighted with an 8.675 on Bars, 8.75 on Beam, 8.7 on Floor and 34.025 in the All Around. Sydnee Spivey performed very nicely scoring 8.2 on Bars, 8.55 on Beam and 32.1 in the All Around. Malia Beich’s performance very well scoring 8.25 on Vault, 8.7 on Beam,8.025 on Floor and 31.925 All Around. Hannah Selnes enjoyed good performances with an 8.1 on Bars, 8.15 on Beam and 31.85 All Around. Katie Blackmun showed nice routines scoring an 8.0 on Vault, 8.15 on Bars and 8.35 on Beam and 31.7 All Around.

Molly Forrester and Maddie Frost moved up to Level 7 this season sporting a higher level of difficulty and looked well prepared. Molly’s best score came on Vault with an 8.65, a 7.5 on Floor and 28.85 in the All Around. Maddie showed good performances scoring 8.85 on Vault, 8.2 on Beam, 7.95 on Floor and 31.625 in the All Around.

The three Level 8 ladies (Abbie Hoffman, Emma Jordet, Brittany Marynik) showed bravery and confidence in their routines as they added new skills to their routines. Brittany had a very solid meet taking 2nd place on Vault in her age group scoring 9.05, and placed 5th in the All Around with a 33.325. Abbie placed 8th on Floor scoring 8.6 and scored 7.975 on Beam, she tied for 9th in the All Around with a 30.85. Emma showed her steady ways again as a first year level 8, “going” for all of her skills and putting together nice performances on all four events with an 8.0 on Vault, 7.85 on Beam, 7.625 on Floor and a 29.85 in the All Around. Emma combined with Brittany and Abbie to win 3rd place Level 8 Team scoring 94.0.

Level 9’s Bailee Espelien, Faith Sersland, and Sophia Nelson all showed great courage and focus in their performances, Faith and Sophia moved up a level and added more difficult skills to their performances, culminating with the entire group performing double back flip dismounts off bars. Faith also added a back double twist on Floor, Sophia included a double back flip to start her floor routine and a new Beam series of backhandspring layout back flip. Bailee showed an enormous amount of courage at this meet coming off a knee injury this summer that held her back in training, but she still managed to perform all of her skills from last year and also add a blind change pirouette to her Bar routine.

Bailee scored 8.675 on Vault taking 6th, 4th place on Bars scoring 7.45 and 5th in the All Around scoring 31.075. Faith had a steady meet highlighted with an 8.65 on Vault, 8.35 on Floor and won 10th place in the All Around scoring 32.325. Sophia placed 7th on Vault scoring 8.975, 9th on Floor with an 8.5 and 11th in the All Around scoring 32.175.

After a couple of days to breath and relax all of the gymnasts will get back to work to further improve their routines as they prepare to put the competitive season in full swing starting January 12th in Fargo and two travel meets, one to Milwaukee and one to Des Moines Iowa, to compete at Chow’s Gymnastics, the gym of Shawn Johnson and Gabbie Douglas.

Congratulation to all of the RRVG Gymnasts for a great start to the season!